Prospective Students

This pages outlines opportunities to get involved with the HFSS Lab. The fiber of this lab’s existence rests on both undergraduate and graduate students. We are always interested in having intelligent, motivated, and responsible students join the lab.

Undergraduate Students

Getting involved in research is a great way to supplement your education and apply knowledge learned from class. Undergraduate students can get involved at various stages of ongoing projects. For example, students can get involved through:

For students interested in joining the HFSS Lab, the best way to find out about openings is to directly email Dr. Wooldridge at arwool [at] illinois [dot] edu.

Graduate Students

The great thing about human factors engineering is that it pulls knowledge from various disciplines and we are interested in having students from various majors including industrial engineering, computer science, computer/electrical engineering, psychology, economics, and related fields. A good starting point for all interested graduate students is to send an email to Dr. Wooldridge that describes:

  • Your previous research and/or work experience
  • Why you specifically want to work with Dr. Wooldridge
  • How your research interests align with the HFSS Lab